VPN service software

vpnI travel a lot across the border to Mexico because my girlfriend’s family lives down there. We usually don’t stay very long, but she has been planning longer and longer trips lately. I hate being without internet, so I started bringing my laptop with me. I was really surprised to find out that you can’t access to a lot of American websites down there. It sucks. I like to watch stuff on Hulu before I go to bed, and I can’t even access my bank account if I need to from down there.

I did some research to find out why I can’t access websites in Mexico, and naturally I found out that they’re just flat out blocked to most computers down there. The only way around it is to use a virtual private network. So I was pretty much forced to get one. I do a lot of business over the internet, so being locked out of so many websites really made me upset.

Well, anyway, since getting a VPN I’ve been a lot happier on our monthly trips to Mexico. I hate being without my internet for so many days at a time. I can’t miss out on business for too many days at a time, either. The only real problem that I’ve had with VPNs is the software and the prices. Some are a lot cheaper than others, so I’ve switched around.

A lot of VPN services are obsessed with privacy and stuff, and I don’t even need that really. Well, I mean I guess I don’t. Maybe I do. I ended up going with a fairly cheap service that has easy to use VPN service software. I definitely recommend that people sign up for best VPN service, it really works well when you can’t access important stuff. I’ve read that a lot of people use it to access cool web stuff all over the internet, too. Another great tool is a cloud backup service like JustCloud, for more info click the link here.  A lot of good A lot of other countries have blocked sites that are interesting.