VPN For School Papers!

My school blocked a few websites last week, they weren’t bad sites, and they just didn’t want people using them for their schoolwork. These websites were definitely useful when it came to studying or writing up papers for our classes, and now we cannot access any of them. My classmates and I have been looking for alternatives, but we haven’t found anything that worked out well.


Yesterday, one of our professors taught us about VPN services in class, that light bulb in my head clicked on faster than I could help it. That was my answer, it was perfect. The opportunity to search these websites with complete anonymity from the school and get back on track with my schoolwork and papers. I won’t lie, I also wanted to watch some funny videos, but school was the key focus when searching for a good VPN service.

A Google search offered me a variety of choices, there were names like Private Internet Access, TorGuard, and CyberGhost VPN. All of them sounded incredible, they had security, anonymity, low costs. These services were everything my classmates and I were looking for and it was within our reach. School doesn’t leave much extra money in our budgets after books and classes, but these were only a few dollars a month, that is beyond affordable.

The cost was the biggest feature for my friends and myself. As I said, we don’t have a whole lot of extra income to throw away, we needed something useful and relatively inexpensive. We found just that with these VPN services. Some of them were under $10 per month, that’s like going to lunch once, we can skip that easily.

Now that I’ve subscribed to my very own VPN service, I cannot even understand how I went these past few weeks without one. It is beyond useful in every circumstance and I have got plenty of work done since subscribing.